Digital Story

When I decided to illustrate my story, I knew that I was committing to a lot of work, but it’s the sort of challenge that I enjoy. I’ve always wanted to illustrate a children’s story so I decided to go in that direction. This beautiful music video by Oren Lavie for his song, Her Morning Elegance gave me the idea to use stop motion photography. For the storyline, somehow I started thinking about the menacing pink slime that comes out of the bath in ghost busters…creepy! It was fun to channel my inner little boy and come up with gross ideas for why a kid would not want to get in the bath.

On the technology end I learned more about an art form – stop motion photography, and I learned how to do some cool time saving stuff on Photoshop (batch cropping for one). Of course I also became more familiar with imovie, which can be a little frustrating. I took a film class in college where we used Vegas Video, which has many more options.

My digital story, story map and story rubric.

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