Digital Story

Here is my digital story: Bath Time. It is about a little boy who doesn't want to take a bath. I created it with imovie using stop motion photography.

I sketched the figures of the boy using my niece as a model, gave them a bit of color with color pencil and painted over them with india ink. Then I cut around them. All the illustrations were cut out and loose so that I could move them, nothing was glued down. The mother figure was actually my silhouette from photos I posed for and then traced around onto white paper. The stink fumes on the boy were strips of toilet paper. On the paintings of the bathtub I slit right at the faucet with an exacto knife so that I could have the different objects coming out of it.

I used black butcher paper as the background. I wanted to use brightly patterned paper for different backgrounds as well, kind of like funky wallpaper and I found some scrapbooking paper that was cheap and just what I was looking for. I printed out the text and then cut around the individual words so that I could make them appear one by one.

I borrowed a camera stand that aimed the camera towards the ground so that the paper could lie on the table as I photographed it. I took over 200 pictures in total, moving the illustrations a little bit each time.

I imported the photos into imovie, and timed them to have a rhythm, go with the music, and be legible.