The Carrot Revolution

For the social networking assignment, I joined The Carrot Revolution. This is a blog run by David Gran, an art teacher in China. I started off by researching the social networking site Art Education 2.0. However I did not think it would be a good fit for me. To me, Art Education 2.0 just seemed like myspace for art teachers. It was a bit difficult to navigate and seemed like a time sucker. As an art teacher, what I look for in a website is lesson ideas, and The Carrot Revolution is full of novel, technology based art ideas. I contacted David Gran, and he agreed to let me contribute to his blog, so I was like a guest blogger.

In my art classes, we do hand crafts such as drawing, painting, printmaking, pottery, and metalwork. I appreciated reading about the art projects on The Carrot Revolution to see what they are doing over in China with technology. Perusing the site periodically always piqued my interest and gave me ideas for technology based art projects. I also enjoyed contributing to the site periodically, it made me feel connected to the art world.

Here’s one idea I got from the site – Strip generator is a site that makes making comics easy, check it out!

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