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Paper coffee cups have seriously got me fired up now. I spent time on Saturday and Sunday in Kaladi Brothers working on my PowerPoint. It was torture. A sea of white paper coffee cups surrounded me, mocking. Mind you, these cups were being used by people who were drinking their coffee in the shop. Don’t you people know? Paper coffee cups are made from virgin paper and cannot be recycled! How hard is it to ask for your steaming beverage to be served in a mug? It’s actually nicer to drink out of a big coffee mug, isn’t it? You might save a few cents, too! I wanted to show the baristas my PowerPoint. Do you ask? Do you ask if they are drinking it here? No, of course not. You are underpaid, and it’s probably more work for you to wash the ceramic mug after the customer is finished. Was I going crazy? Perhaps. Too much coffee and homework can do that to a girl.

This project was eye opening. We know that the earth cannot sustain our current consumption habits. A paper coffee cup is an example of unnecessary waste that many people use every day. In 2006, the US consumed about 16,000,000,000 paper coffee cups. I estimated that at my current rate, I use about 168 paper coffee cups per year. Each of these cups uses wood, water, and energy, not to mention it creates TRASH! For more fascinating and horrifying details, check out my PowerPoint.

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Nicko said...

Hi Bethany,

I just watched your powerpoint show - nice work! It really is amazing how much of an effect one person's coffee habit can have on our natural resources and landfill waste.

Keep up the great work!

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