Energy Project Reflection

As I previously stated in this blog, I have recently done a research project on how my personal consumption of paper coffee cups effects the environment. What have I learned? I learned that making paper takes a lot of trees, energy and (surprise) water. I learned that paper coffee cups are made from virgin paper and cannot be recycled. I learned that I use about 168 paper coffee cups per year, while the US used about 16,000,000,000 in 2006. I now notice paper coffee cups everywhere I go. I am optimistic that I can be responsible enough to bring my refillable mug with me everywhere without losing it.

On the technical side (after all, this is an Ed tech class) I re-learned how to use a spread sheet and I got more practice using PowerPoint. I learned how to use Dimond’s camcorder, upload the video onto my computer through iMovie and then onto YouTube. Wow, I’m impressed! Here is my presentation on YouTube.

How did I do? I used to be terrified of public speaking but after a few years of teaching/ subbing I’ve lost the paralyzing fear. This was not my best presentation, but I feel that I did all right. It is a little strange to talk to an empty room and a camera…

I seem to be relatively calm
I speak slowly
I keep still
I don’t read too much

Fillers! ...so….because...okay…um..FIRST OF ALL...
I tend to trail off or quiet down at the end of my sentences
The phrase ‘paper coffee cups’ seems repetitive
I’m fumbled by all the figures
My screen went blue towards the end (need to move the mouse more often)
I seem a little unenthusiastic

This project, although a lot of work, was truly worthwhile. It made me, and hopefully others think about the consequences of my actions, and I learned some techie stuff at the same time!

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